Send a Little Love

Never underestimate the power of the just because present—it's wonderful during the holidays, but equally lovely any time of year. It's a simple way to let people you love and value know that despite not being able to enjoy your regularly scheduled activities together, you're thinking of them. Here are a few of our favorites:

For your #1 travel buddy... Rifle Paper Co. Explore the World 2021 Wall Calendar

A promise of fun plans to come in the new year, the charming illustrations will make them smile recalling adventures past in the meantime. Include a handwritten note about a favorite trip you've taken with them.

For your bookclub BFF... Agate Stone Bookends Help corral all of those amazing book picks with these stunning agate bookends. Honestly it's challenging to find just the right set, so whenever we see some we like we make sure to snap them up.

For your favorite chef... Truffle Salt

Fancy finishing salt is something the home chef might never buy themselves. The rich taste will enhance any snack or dish, elevating even the humble weeknight dinner.

For the hostess with the mostess... Cane Fiber Tray

Whether she's serving up gin and tonics or using this beautiful cane and rattan tray to corral items on her coffee table, it's sure to be a versatile staple in her home. You can never have too many!

For your friend who loves a good board game...

Vintage Wildflower Puzzle There's nothing more relaxing (especially when there's nowhere to go) than a nice puzzle. Not only does this version feature different flower varieties, it's only a 1,000 pieces so it's not overwhelming.

For your favorite person to share a cheese plate with...

Marble Cheese Knives Any cheeseboard lover knows you can never have too many cheese knives. These simple marble versions will never go out of style.

For the candle scent aficionado in your life...

Otherland Cardamom Milk Candle The perfect mid-priced candle, Otherland's offerings come in delightful packaging and feature the most nuanced and sophisticated scents.

For your friend you like to spa with...

Kiehl's Facial Favorites For All Set

So this isn't the full body massage and facial she might be used to, but it will keep her complexion looking merry and bright long after the holidays.