Our Pelican Bay Project Reveal

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Nothing makes us happier than showing off a finished project, and this light and bright renovation feels like a breath of fresh air. From the beginning that was the goal, our client wanted a home that felt less traditional and more representative of their personal style. “I can’t explain how much of a difference it makes to have a collaboration between the contractor, architect, and the designer during a full-scale renovation,” explains the homeowner. “Angela was so communicative and reviewed everything with us and got our input along the way, so now our home really feels like it’s truly ours.”

The architecture in Naples is interesting, it’s a balance between old and new. The older homes have a Tuscan feel with earthy tones, dark stone surfaces, and traditional terracotta tiles on the roof. The new Naples feels lighter and more youthful, and that’s what we went with within this home; a balance between modern and Scandinavian styles. While we wanted to honor the history of the house, while celebrating the personalities of our clients, the entire home underwent extensive renovations. (This is only part one, get excited for a future reveal of the main bedroom suite!)

We started with a collaborative mood board, and everything from the paint to the feel and palette was strongly inspired by Puglia, Italy. One of the most influential pieces in the living room was a slightly abstract multimedia still life by artist, Marilina Marchica. It’s textural and features linen fabrics but we pulled colors out of the painting to help inform the design direction of the room. A fresh coat of white paint helps direct the natural light around the room and enhanced the textures of each piece of upholstered and wood furniture in the room. Woven chairs, a woven pendant light fixture, and a rough wood ladder to hold throws all help warm up the room with their color and texture. Touches of soft blue pulled from the painting run through the accent pillows and accessories, but also nod to the bright blue sky that peeks through the oversized windows throughout the house—against the crisp white it feels so cheerful and uplifting.

We completed a full kitchen renovation, converting an overly crowded and dated kitchen into a more open space that feels inviting and easy to navigate. Keeping the color tonal and consistent between the cabinets, counters, and an oversized island feels both timeless and clean. The woven backed stools tie the kitchen into the design elements in other parts of the house and turn the island into the perfect spot for an impromptu breakfast. We also converted an atrium into a stunning pantry, complete with open shelving and a small wet bar area. The dining room, with its Parson’s style table feels comfortable and not overly formal, perfect for the client’s entertaining style.

“Working with Angela and her amazing team at Mackenzie & Co. was a pleasure. From start to finish our project was carefully thought out,” explains the client. “Angela worked closely with our contractor to ensure every detail was covered from selecting flooring, right down to accessories, everything felt just perfect for our space.

Photos by: Audrey Snow Photography