Make the Most of Your Mudroom

In a mudroom organization is in and rain, mud, leaves, and messes are out. Think of a mudroom like the transition into and out of your house. It gives you (and your kids and pets) a place to remove shoes, coats, and backpacks, while corralling it all and keeping messes contained.

A lot of our clients come to us questioning the efficacy of their existing space or wanting to carve out or build a new area in their side door or entryway. We’ll work with your contractor to design a built-in system that not only looks great, but takes advantage of every last inch you have. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with a small space!

What You See, What You Don’t

If you hate to see visual clutter, we recommend putting doors on cubbies and cabinets, we prefer not to see the pegs. But if you’re trying to teach kids to hang up their backpacks and coats, it’s smart to keep the pegs visible and easy for them to access, so think about height and placement.

Think About Your Lifestyle

We love to do our research—do you prefer to sit or stand when you put on your shoes? What door do you primarily use to enter and exit your home? Do you like to have a lot of accessories on hand or are you more of a minimalist? Ask yourself about how you use the space and what you wish you had before you start thinking about how to outfit the space.

Think Outside the Basket

How many pretty baskets have you seen for entryway spaces? Go beyond the average basket and opt for showstoppers like these leather bins. Instead of baskets, build in large drawers at the bottom for smaller items like hats, mittens, and scarves. Hooks don’t have to be metal either, they can be wood pegs or made from another material.

Make Smart Material Choices

This goes back to your lifestyle. An older couple with no pets might want to put down a vintage rug in their entryway, while a large family with kids and pets might opt for a gorgeous slate floor. Mudrooms are hardworking rooms so make sure your finishes reflect that. The paint you use should be easy to clean and your cushions can be made with durable, indoor/outdoor fabric for extra protection against stains and spills.

Pretty, Functional Décor

Just because it’s a functional room doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. Clever design helps keep clutter at bay but add in playful details that you might not use in other parts of the house. Maybe it’s an unexpected paint color, a patterned fabric, a piece or art, or oversized throw pillows—decorate it like you would other areas of your home.