Inspired By This: Puglia, Italy

When we begin to work on a new design project, we always try to pinpoint a specific source for inspiration, whether it be a styled outfit, a travel destination or a fresh trend in the design world. If you’re following along with Mackenzie + Company on Instagram, you may have already heard us talk about and give sneak peeks of the planning and vision behind one of our ongoing projects we’re working on at the moment in Naples, FL.

For this Las Brisas home, we knew we wanted to have a solid foundation of neutral colors to ground the space and keep things feeling light and airy. In addition, since this home\'s indoor and outdoor living spaces are so seamlessly connected, a neutral color palette maintains a feeling of consistency as you step from the dining room right out into the backyard and pool area.

So with all of this in mind, we scoured our brains, travel magazines, current design trends and of course, Pinterest, in hopes of connecting with something that felt right to seek inspiration from for this project. After many discussions and hours of contemplating options that just didn’t feel right, things finally came together and our inspiration revealed itself to us in the form of a destination: Puglia, Italy.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of Puglia is the Trulli—white or neutral-colored stone huts that feature domed or conical roofs constructed using corbeled limestone slabs. While no one exactly knows the true origin of the Trulli, these one-of-a-kind structures are undeniably prevalent amongst the region and the local culture.

The biggest takeaway from Puglia that we're looking to incorporate in our Naples design? Of course the neutral color palette, but also the stunning, subtle pops of color and all of the amazing textures that are highlighted throughout the region's land and architecture.

Feeling just as inspired by Puglia as us? Looking to bring some of the light and airy feelings of Puglia to your home or wardrobe? Us too. That’s why we went ahead and curated a few things that we feel embody the Puglia and Italian experience. All of these products are shoppable with the links provided below! Neutrals with subtle hints of blue and olive green? Puglia, you have our heart.