How to Update Your Home for Spring (Without Leaving the House)

With much of the world currently under stay-at-home orders, you might be feeling the itch to give your space a little refresh. Whether that looks like a deep spring clean, a few styling tweaks, or a full-on makeover, the desire to bring order to the chaos is, in my opinion, a perfect way to channel your spare time and energy.

Of course, sprucing up your home under such circumstances isn’t exactly easy, but I promise there are so many ways to make it work. With a little creativity and thinking outside the box, I’m sharing four simple ways to update your home for spring, while going no further than your own backyard.

Implement a few (or all) of these updates, and I promise you’ll agree that a refreshed space is good for the soul.

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Organize Your Space

Before you tackle any design components, remember first things first: organization. Winter has a way of adding clutter to our homes, and there’s no better time to pare down unnecessary items than the changing of the seasons. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Marie Kondo with a total organizational overhaul, including closets, drawers, storage spaces, or anywhere else that could use some attention. Remember, spring cleanings can be overwhelming to start, but I always suggest taking it room-by-room for a more honed-in approach. Once you get going, you might even discover some clever storage solutions that are equal parts functional and pretty.

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Repurpose + Restyle

As you begin to restyle your space, make sure to carefully tuck away all those cold-weather accessories. Think thick blankets, heavy throw pillows in wools or velvets, and any art and decor with a distinct winter vibe. With those pieces temporarily out of the picture, it’s time to give your walls, shelves, and surfaces a fresh new look. Have some fun as you restyle your coffee table, console table, switch out your artwork, or curate the perfect spring-inspired “shelfie.” Whether you repurpose what you already have on hand or order a few new pieces that have caught your eye, I’m convinced a little dose of springtime style always goes a long way.

Update your Hardware

For the easiest DIY home project that makes a major impact, set aside time to swap out your hardware for a completely fresh look. While hardware updates aren’t directly tied to spring, I think this season is just the right time to make those smaller to-do list items finally happen. For timeless pieces with a classic style, Rejuvenation is one of my go-to retailers (and everything is 20% off right now!). Also, keep in mind that many local hardware stores offer convenient online order with curbside pickup for times such as these.

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Bring the Outdoors In

It wouldn’t be spring without some fresh plants and florals, so get ready to bring the outdoors in. I love incorporating natural elements with everything from sprawling branches to fruit displays, green plants, beautiful blooms, and so much more. Many of our favorite retailers offer high-quality faux options to consider, or you can simply pay a visit to your own backyard and forage from whatever you can find. No matter how you choose to incorporate a sense of nature, your space will most definitely thank you for it. 


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