Hello, September: Styling Your Fall Tablescape

Now that September is in full swing and thoughts of autumnal foods, fall festivities and all things pumpkin related are swirling around in your head, we couldn’t help but put together a post centered around tablescaping for the fall season.

But before we dive in, let’s first breakdown the word tablescaping in itself, beginning with not even the word itself. Chances are you probably know all about table centerpieces; usually florals, one central accessory or some kind of statement piece that adorns the center of your dining table. Tablescaping is essentially up-leveling your centerpiece to encompass more of the table’s entirety versus just the central aspect—combining that original notion of the centerpiece with all of your place settings as well, working together to create a kind of ambiance for your guests.

For any season, theme or event, we like to take into consideration three essential elements that will aid in getting you started on your tablescaping adventure: color, texture and accessories.


Color Palette

Let’s first start with an overarching aspect of tablescaping for fall, or really any season: the color palette. The colors that you incorporate on your table in your accessories, the tablecloth, settings, etc. ultimately set the mood and feelings that your guests will experience upon walking into the space, while picking up small bites from the table or sitting down for dinner.

As for fall specifically, there are a few different combinations of various hues, shades and tones that we are repeatedly drawn toward. Our favorite options include a more neutral based palette, a color combination that includes more coastal colors, and of course, a warmer-toned palette featuring quintessential autumnal shades. Whichever direction you decide to go in, make sure to have at least one neutral staple and one deeper accent shade for contrast.

quintessential fall

coastal autumn

neutral based


One of the easiest ways to make your tablescape feel more inviting and three-dimensional is to add and incorporate various kinds of texture into the mix. This could include glassware with raised aspects to it, napkins or linens with added fringe or detailing, or even small things from nature (AKA your backyard!) that bring to the table if you’re leaning toward a more natural-based tablescape. Just remember not to overwhelm with the table with too many dead leaves or miscellaneous branches—less is certainly more in this category!

Styling Pieces

For accessories and styling pieces, first establish the essentials that you’ll absolutely need to have on the table, and work from there. Plates, silverware, linen or napkins, potentially a tablecloth, silverware and glasses is typically where you’ll begin. Next is decor: Do you want a moodier setting or is your gathering in the evening? You may want to consider candles or candlesticks. Do you want to display food on the table itself versus serving all of your guests plate by plate? Try working in a seasonally appropriate serving tray or stand that works with your other table accessories, and think about small ways you can incorporate fall-related reminders. The biggest takeaway here is to give yourself time to try things out and play with all of your settings before your event or gathering to get a better visual sense of what you like and what works for the layout of your table.

Bonus: Curating Inspiration

Interested in flipping through inspiration photos before committing to a specific fall tablescape style, color palette or vibe? While Pinterest can always be a great virtual resource, there’s something to be said about physically looking at a book and then keeping it on your coffee table throughout the season to serve as a constant inspirational resource AND as a decor piece. Coffee table books are also a great place to start if you’re not sure which styles you like just yet!

More questions about your own specific tablescape?! Send us a message on Instagram! And once you create the fall tablescape of your dreams, be sure to tag us (@mackenziestudio) so we can see your beautiful work.

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Cheers! The Mackenzie Co. Team